Infantry Drills

A-110: Screening Criteria

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A-110. A COA should be suitable, feasible, acceptable, distinguishable, and complete:

  • Suitable. If executed, the COA accomplishes the mission consistent with the higher commander’s concept and intent.
  • Feasible. The unit has the technical and tactical skills and resources to accomplish the COA, with available time, space, and resources.
  • Acceptable. The military advantage gained by executing the COA must justify the cost in resources, especially casualties. This assessment is largely subjective.
  • Distinguishable. If more than one COA is developed, it must be sufficiently different from the others to justify full development and consideration.
  • Complete. The COA covers the operational factors of who, what, when, where, and how, and must show from start to finish how the unit will accomplish the mission. The COA must address the doctrinal aspects of the mission. For example, in an attack against a defending enemy, the COA must address the movement to, deployment against, assault of, and consolidation upon the objective.

Note. Leaders assess risk continuously throughout COA development.

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