Infantry Drills

A-137: Step 8 – Supervise and Refine

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A-137. This final step of the TLP is crucial. After issuing the OPORD, the leader and his subordinate leaders must ensure the required activities and tasks are completed in a timely manner prior to mission execution. Supervision is the primary responsibility of all leadership. Both officers and NCOs must check everything important for mission accomplishment. This includes, but is not limited to—

  • Conducting numerous back briefs on all aspects of the platoon and subordinate unit operations.
  • Ensuring the second in command in each element is prepared to execute in his leaders’ absence.
  • Listening to subordinates’ OPORD.
  • Observing rehearsals of subordinate units.
  • Checking load plans to ensure they are carrying only what is necessary for the mission or what the OPORD specified.
  • Checking the status and serviceability of weapons.
  • Checking on maintenance activities of subordinate units.
  • Ensuring local security is maintained.

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