Infantry Drills

A-149: Terrain-Model Rehearsal

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A-149. The terrain-model rehearsal is the most popular rehearsal technique. It takes less time and fewer resources than a full-dress or reduced-force rehearsal. (A terrain-model rehearsal takes a platoon between one to two hours to execute to standard.) An accurately constructed terrain model helps subordinate leaders visualize the commander’s intent and concept of the operation. When possible, commanders place the terrain model where it overlooks the actual terrain of the area of operation. However, if the situation requires more security, they place the terrain model on a reverse slope within walking distance of a point overlooking the area of operation. The model’s orientation coincides with the terrain. The size of the terrain model can vary from small (using markers to represent units) to large (on which the participants can walk). A large model helps reinforce the participants’ perception of unit positions on the terrain.

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