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A-18: Step 2 – Issue Warning Order

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A-18. A WARNORD is a preliminary notice of an order or action to follow. (Refer to
ADRP 1-02 for more information.) Though less detailed than a complete OPORD, a WARNORD aids in parallel planning. After the leaders receive new missions and assess the time available for planning, preparing, and executing the mission, they immediately issue WARNORDs to their subordinates. By issuing the initial WARNORDs as quickly as possible, they enable subordinates to begin their own planning and preparation (parallel planning) while they begin to develop the OPORDs. When they obtain more information, they issue updated WARNORDs, giving subordinates as much as they know.

A-19. Leaders can issue WARNORDs to their subordinates right after they receive higher command’s initial WARNORDs. In their own initial WARNORDs, they include the same elements given in their higher headquarters’ initial WARNORDs. If practical, leaders brief their subordinate leaders face-to-face, on the ground. Otherwise, they use a terrain model, sketch, or map. (See figure A-3, page A-6 for an example of a warning order format.)

Figure A-3. Warning order format

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