Infantry Drills

A-25: Analysis of Mission

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A-25. A mission is task and purpose clearly indicating the action to be taken and reason for the action. In common usage, especially when applied to lower military units, a mission is a duty or task assigned to an individual or unit. The mission is always the first factor leaders consider and most basic question: What have I been told to do, and why?

A-26. Leaders at every echelon must understand the mission, intent, and operational concept one and two levels higher. This understanding makes it possible to exercise disciplined initiative. Leaders capture their understanding of what their units are to accomplish in their revised mission statements. They take five steps to fully analyze their assigned mission as directed from —

  • Higher headquarters’ (two levels up) mission, intent, and concept.
  • Immediate higher headquarters’ (one level up) mission, intent, and concept.
  • Unit’s purpose.
  • Constraints.
  • Specified, implied, and essential tasks.
  • Restated mission.

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