Infantry Drills

A-79: Information Requirements

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A-79. The CCIRs identify and filter information needed by leaders to support their vision and to make critical decisions, especially to determine or validate COA. CCIRs also helps focus the efforts of subordinates and aids in the allocation of resources. Commanders should limit their CCIRs to essential information. The two key elements are friendly forces information and priority intelligence requirements.

A-80. Priority intelligence requirements are information a leader needs to know about terrain or enemy to make a critical decision. PIR are best expressed in a question being answered yes or no.

A-81. Friendly forces information requirements include information leaders need to know about their units or about adjacent units to make critical decisions.

A-82. Although EEFIs are not part of the CCIRs, they still become priorities when the leader states them. EEFI are the critical aspects of a friendly operation if known by the enemy, that subsequently would compromise or lead to failure of the operation. Consequently, this information must be protected from identification by the enemy.

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