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A-89: Analysis of Civil Considerations

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A-89. Civil considerations include the influences of manmade infrastructure, civilian institutions, and attitudes, activities of civilian leaders, populations, and organizations within an area of operation, with regard to the conduct of military operations. Civil considerations generally focus on the immediate impact of civilians on operations in progress. Civil considerations of the environment can either help or hinder friendly or enemy forces; the difference lies in which leader has taken time to learn the situation and its possible effects on the operation. Analysis of civil considerations answers three critical questions:

  • How do civilian considerations affect the operation?
  • How does the operation affect the civilians?
  • How do our forces build national will in our area of operations?

A-90. Higher headquarters provides the leader with civil considerations affecting the next echelon’s mission. The memory aid the higher headquarters may use to analyze and describe these civil considerations is ASCOPE. (Refer to ATP 2-01.3 for more information.)

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