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A-91: Areas

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A-91. The population within a prescribed area of operation comprises several different groups, both ethnically and politically. Leaders must understand each group’s perceptions about the United States, the Army, and specific units operating within that area. Population statuses overlays can best describe groups and define what feelings the group has toward American forces. This is extremely important in understanding when and where to commit combat power, what relationships can be reinforced with certain groups versus what relationships need to start or cease, and ultimately what second and third order effects our actions will have in the area of operation. Information related capabilities also can be properly focused with a healthy understanding of the perceptions of the civilian population.

A-92. This characteristic addresses terrain analysis from a civilian perspective. Analyze how vital civilian areas affect the missions of respective forces and how military operations affect these areas. Factors to consider include political boundaries, locations of government centers, by-type enclaves, special regions such as mining or agricultural, trade routes, and possible settlement sites.

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