Infantry Drills

Section II – Steps of Troop Leading Procedures

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A-12. TLP provide small-unit leaders a framework for planning and preparing for
operations. TLP begin when the platoon leader receives the first indication of an upcoming mission and continues throughout the operational process (plan, prepare, execute, and assess). The TLP comprise a sequence of actions helping the leader use available time effectively and efficiently to issue orders and execute operations.

A-13. TLP are not a hard and fast set of rules. Some actions may be performed
simultaneously or in an order different than shown in figure A-2 (page A-4). They are a guide being applied consistent with the situation and experience of the platoon leader and his subordinate leaders. The tasks involved in some actions (such as initiate movement, issue the WARNORD, and conduct reconnaissance) may recur several times during the process.

A-14. The last action (activities associated with supervising and refining the plan) occurs continuously throughout TLP and execution of the operation. The following information concerning TLP assumes the small unit leader will plan in a time-constrained environment. All steps should be done, even if in abbreviated fashion. As such, the suggested techniques are oriented to help a leader quickly develop and issue a combat order. (Refer to FM 6-0 for more information.)

Figure A-2. Troop leading procedures outline

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