Infantry Drills

B-14: Determine Where and How to Mass Fires

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B-14. To achieve decisive effects, friendly forces must mass their fires. (See figure B-2.) Massing requires the leader both to focus the fires of subordinate elements and to distribute the effects of the fires. Based on his mission analysis and his concept of the operation, the leader identifies points where he wants to, or must, focus the unit’s fires. Most often, these are locations he has identified as probable enemy positions or points along likely avenues of approach where the unit can mass fires. Because subordinate elements may not initially be oriented on the point where the leader wants to mass fires, he may issue a fire command to focus the fires. At the same time, the leader must use direct fire control measures to distribute the fires of his elements, which now are focused on the same point.

Figure B-2. Determining where and how to mass fires

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