Infantry Drills

B-26: Standard Operating Procedures

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B-26. A well-rehearsed direct fire SOP ensures quick, predictable actions by all members of the platoon. The platoon leader bases the various elements of the SOP on the capabilities of his force and on anticipated conditions and situations. SOP elements should include standing means for focusing fires, distributing their effects, orienting forces, and preventing fratricide and friendly fire. The platoon leader should adjust the direct fire SOP whenever changes to anticipated and actual METT-TC become apparent.

B-27. If the platoon leader does not issue other instructions, the squads begin the engagement using the SOP. Subsequently, the platoon leader can use a fire command to refocus or redistribute fires. The following paragraphs discuss specific SOP provisions for focusing fires, distributing fires, orienting forces, and preventing fratricide and friendly fire.

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