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B-51: Weapons Ready Posture

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B-51. Weapons ready posture is the selected ammunition and range for individual and crew-served weapons in rifle squads. It is a means by which leaders use their mission analysis to specify the ammunition and range of the most probable anticipated engagement. Ammunition selection depends on the target type, but the leader may adjust it based on engagement priorities, desired effects, and effective range. Range selection depends on the anticipated engagement range; it is affected by terrain intervisibility, weather, and light conditions. Within the platoon, weapons ready posture affects the types and quantities of ammunition loaded in ready boxes, stowed in ready racks, and carried by rifle squads. The following considerations apply:

B-52. Examples of weapons ready posture include:

  • An M203/M320 GRN, whose, most likely engagement is to cover dead space at 200 meters from his position, might load high-explosive dual purpose ammunition and set 200 meters on his quadrant sight.
  • To prepare for an engagement in a wooded area where engagement ranges are extremely short, an antiarmor specialist might dismount with an M136 AT4-series, instead of a Javelin.

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