Infantry Drills

B-90: Sector Sketches

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B-90. Individual Soldiers in squads and BFV gunners prepare range cards. Squad and platoon leaders prepare sector sketches. Section leaders may have to prepare sector sketches if they are assigned separate positions. The platoon leader reviews his squad’s, and if applicable section’s, sector sketches and ensures the sketches are accurate and meet his requirements. If he finds gaps or other flaws, the platoon leader adjusts weapons locations within the area of operation. Once the platoon leader approves the squad and section sector sketches, he prepares a consolidated report for the company team commander and incorporates this into a consolidated platoon sector sketch. The platoon leader or platoon sergeant physically prepares the platoon sector sketch. The sector sketch can be on acetate taped to a map or it can be a hand drawn sketch. Accurate and detailed sketches aid in direct fire planning, and in direct fire control and distribution.

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