Infantry Drills

B-91: Squad Sector Sketch

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B-91. The squad leaders and section leaders make two copies of their sector sketches; one copy goes to the platoon leader, the other remains at the position. The squad leaders and section leaders draw sector sketches (see figure B-10, page B-30) as close to scale as possible, showing—

  • Main terrain features in the area of operation and the range to each.
  • Each primary position.
  • Engagement area or primary and secondary sectors of fire covering each position.
  • M240B machine gun final protective line or principle direction of fire.
  • M249 SAW final protective lines or principle direction of fires.
  • Type of weapon in each position.
  • Reference points and TRPs in the area of operation.
  • Observation post locations.
  • Dead space.
  • Obstacles.
  • Maximum engagement lines for all BFV weapon systems.
  • Maximum engagement lines for Javelin (if applicable) and AT4s.
  • Indirect fire targets.
Figure B-10. Squad sector sketch

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