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B-92: Platoon Sector Sketch

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B-92. Squad leaders and section leaders prepare their sketches and submit them to the platoon leader. The platoon leader combines all sector sketches (and possibly separate range cards) to prepare a platoon sector sketch, which is drawn as close to scale as possible and includes a target list for direct and indirect fires. One copy is submitted to the company team commander, one copy is given to the platoon sergeant (controlling the mounted element), and one copy is given to the leader of the dismounted element (usually the platoon leader). As a minimum, the platoon sector sketch should show—

  • Primary and secondary sectors of fire or engagement areas.
  • Primary, alternate, and supplementary BFV and squad positions.
  • Remount points.
  • Javelin, M240B, and M249 positions with primary directions of fire.
  • M240B and M249 final protective lines or principle direction of fires.
  • Maximum engagement lines for 25-mm, M240C, and TOW.
  • Observation posts.
  • TRPs.
  • Mines and other obstacles.
  • Indirect fire target locations and final protective fire location (if applicable).
  • Position and area of flanking unit vehicles.
  • Priority engagement by weapon system and crew.

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