Infantry Drills

B-93: Coordination with Adjacent Units

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B-93. Platoon leaders coordinate with adjacent platoons. Squad leaders coordinate with adjacent squads so that all positions and all platoon and squads are mutually supporting. The platoon leader must ensure that this coordination take place. Coordination is usually initiated from left to right. Gaps between positions are covered by fire as a minimum. Contact points are established to ensure friendly forces meet at some specific point on the ground to tie in their flanks. In many cases, the exchange of sector sketches will accomplish most of this. Typical information that is exchanged includes—

  • Locations of primary, alternate, and supplementary positions; sectors of fire for BFVs, M240Bs, and Javelins.
  • Location of dead space between platoons and how it is to be covered.
  • Location of observation posts.
  • Location and types of obstacles and how to cover them.
  • Patrols (size, type, time of departure and return, and routes).

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