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C-20: Final Protective Line

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C-20. FPL is a line of fire selected where an enemy assault is to be checked by interlocking fire from all available weapons and obstacles. (Refer to ADRP 1-02 for more information.) The FPL consists of all available measures, to include protective obstacles, direct fires, and indirect fires. The final protective fires targets the highest type of priority targets and takes precedence over all other fire targets. The final protective fires differs from a standard priority target in that fire is conducted at the maximum rate until the mortars are ordered to stop, or until ammunition is depleted. If possible, the final protective fires should be registered.

C-21. If Soldiers are in well-prepared defensive positions with overhead cover, A final protective fires can be adjusted close to the friendly positions, just beyond bursting range. If required, the leader can even call for artillery fires right on the unit’s position using proximity or time fuzes for airbursts. Table C-2 (page C-14) shows indirect fire mortar weapon system characteristics being used when planning the FPF.

Table C-2. Normal final protective fires dimensions for each number of

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