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C-56: Special Illumination Techniques

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C-56. Following are three special illumination techniques mortars have used.

C-57. An illumination round fired extremely high over a general area will not always alert an enemy force that it is being observed. However, it will provide enough illumination to optimize the use of image intensification (starlight) scopes such as the AN/PVS-14.

C-58. An illumination round fired to burn on the ground will prevent observation beyond the flare into the shadow. This is one method of countering enemy use of image intensification devices. A friendly force could move behind the flare with greater security.

C-59. An illumination round fired to burn on the ground can be used to mark targets during day or night. Illumination rounds have an advantage over WP as target markers during high winds. The obscurants cloud from a WP round will be blown quickly downwind. The obscurants from the burning illumination round will continue to originate from the same point, regardless of the wind.

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