Infantry Drills

C-62: Attack Aviation Call for Fire

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C-62. When the Infantry platoon or squad engages in in the area of operation, it may request Army aviation support. Attack aviation call for fire is a hasty or deliberate operation by Army aviation in support of units engaged in close combat. The hasty operation in the close fight typically lacks detailed coordination between air and ground elements. Coordination between ground maneuver units and attack aviation maximizes the capabilities of the combined arms team while minimizing the risk of fratricide and friendly fire. To ensure adequate air-ground integration, the following major problem areas should be addressed:

  • Ensure aircrews understand ground tactical plan and unit commander’s intent.
  • Ensure adequate common control measures are used to allow both air and ground unit’s maximum freedom of fire and maneuver.
  • Ensure aircrews and ground forces understand methods of differentiating between enemy and friendly forces on the ground.

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