Infantry Drills

D-10: Guard

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D-10. A guard differs from a screen in a guard force contains sufficient combat power to defeat, cause the withdrawal of, or fix the lead elements of an enemy ground force before it can engage the main body with direct fires. A guard force uses all means at its disposal, including decisive engagement, to prevent the enemy from penetrating the security zone. It operates within the range of the main body’s indirect fire weapons, deploying over a narrower front than a comparable-size screening force to permit concentrating combat power. The three types of guard operations are: advance; flank; and rear guard.

D-11. Platoons as part of a company can be assigned a guard mission conduct all of the measures associated with a screen. Additionally they—

  • Destroy the enemy advance guard.
  • Cause the enemy main body to deploy, report its disposition, composition, strength, and capabilities.

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