Infantry Drills

D-102: Actions During Halts

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D-102. During a short halt, the convoy escort remains alert for possible enemy activity. If the halt is for reasons other than an obstacle, the following actions should be taken:

  • The convoy commander signals the short halt and transmits the order via tactical radio. All vehicles in the convoy initially assume a herringbone formation.
  • If possible, escort vehicles are positioned up to 100 meters beyond the convoy vehicles just clear of the route. Escort vehicles remain at the ready, dismount the rifles teams or squads as required, and establish local security. Security elements or escort vehicles must occupy terrain within small arms range dominating the convoy route during halts.
  • When the order is given to move out, convoy vehicles reestablish movement formation, leaving space for escort vehicles. Once the convoy is in column, local security elements (if used) return to their vehicles, and escort vehicles rejoin the column.
  • The convoy resumes movement.

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