Infantry Drills

D-105: Quartering Party

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D-105. Usually, the Infantry platoon and squad participates in the higher headquarters quartering party (also known as an advance party) to assist in the occupation of an AA. A quartering party is a group of unit representatives dispatched to a probable new site of operations in advance of the main body to secure, reconnoiter, and organize the site before the main body’s arrival and occupation.

D-106. The Infantry platoon and squad participates in the quartering party according to their SOP. For example, the quartering party could consist of one vehicle per platoon and a vehicle from the headquarters section. At company level the company executive officer, first sergeant or a senior NCO usually leads the quartering party. The quartering party’s actions at the AA include the following:

  • Reconnoiter for enemy forces and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear contamination.
  • Evaluate the condition of the route leading into the assembly area and suitability of the area (drainage, space, internal routes).
  • Organize the area based on the commander’s guidance; designate and mark tentative locations for platoons’ vehicles, command post vehicles, and trains.
  • Improve and mark entrances, exits, and internal routes.
  • Mark bypasses or removes obstacles (within the party’s capabilities).
  • Develop digital assembly area overlay and send overlays to Infantry company main body and Infantry battalion main command post.

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