Infantry Drills

D-107: Occupation of the Assembly Area

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D-107. Once the quartering party finishes preparing the AA, the quartering party awaits the arrival of the main body, maintaining surveillance and providing security of the area within its capabilities. The main body is the principal part of a tactical command or formation. It does not include detached elements of the command, such as advance guards, flank guards, and covering force. SOPs and guides assist vehicle commanders to quickly find their positions, clear the route, and assume designated positions in the AA.

D-108. The Infantry platoon may occupy the AA as an independent element or as part of the company. In either situation, the platoon occupies its positions upon arrival using the procedures for hasty occupation of a battle position. The platoon leader establishes local security and coordinates with adjacent units. He assigns weapons orientation and sector for each squad and essential weapons systems in his area of operation. If the platoon occupies the AA alone, it establishes a perimeter defense. (See figure D-17, page D-38, and figure D-18, page D-39.)

Figure D-17. Platoon assembly area
Figure D 18. Bradley and Stryker assembly area

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