Infantry Drills

D-109: Actions in the Assembly Area

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D-109. Following occupation of the AA, the platoon prepares for future operations by conducting TLP and priorities of work according to the company OPORD. These preparations include the following:

  • Establish and maintain security (at the appropriate readiness level).
  • Develop a defensive fire plan and forward to higher headquarters via Mission Command Systems if equipped.
  • Conduct dismounted security patrols to clear dead space and restrictive terrain.
  • Conduct troop leading procedures.
  • Conduct precombat checks and a precombat inspection based on time available.
  • Perform maintenance on vehicles and communications equipment.
  • Verify weapons system status, conduct boresight adjustment, prepare-to-fire checks, test-firing, and other necessary preparations.

Note. The Infantry platoon and squad usually coordinates test-firing with its higher headquarters.

  • Conduct resupply, refueling and rearming operations.
  • Conduct rehearsals and other training for upcoming operations.
  • Conduct personal care and hygiene activities.
  • Adjust task organization as necessary.
  • Account for Infantry platoon and squad personnel, to include attachments and sensitive items.
  • Reestablish vehicle load plans as needed.

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