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D-32: Deliberate Checkpoint

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D-32. A deliberate checkpoint is permanent or semi-permanent. It is established to control the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, and to help maintain law and order. They typically are constructed and employed to protect an operating base or well-established roads. Like defensive positions, deliberate checkpoint should be improved continuously. Deliberate checkpoints—

  • Control all vehicle and pedestrian traffic so crowds cannot assemble.
  • Allow known offenders or suspected enemy personnel to be arrested.
  • Enforce curfews.
  • Deter illegal movement.
  • Prevent the movement of supplies to the enemy.
  • Deny the enemy contact with the local inhabitants.
  • Dominate the area around the checkpoint. (This includes maintaining law and order by local patrolling to prevent damage to property or injury to persons.)
  • Collect information.

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