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D-33: Hasty Checkpoint

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D-33. A hasty checkpoint differs from a deliberate checkpoint in it is not, in most cases, preplanned. A hasty checkpoint usually will be activated as part of a larger tactical plan or in reaction to hostile activities such as a bomb, mine incident, or sniper attack, and can be lifted on the command of the controlling headquarters. A hasty checkpoint always will have a specific task and purpose. Most often used to avoid predictability and targeting by the enemy. It should be set up to last from five minutes to up to two hours using an ambush mentality. The short duration reduces the risk of the enemy organizing an attack against the checkpoint. The maximum time suggested of the checkpoint to remain in place would be about eight hours, as this may be considered to be the limit of endurance of the units conducting the checkpoint and may invite the checkpoint to enemy attacks.

D-34. Characteristics of a hasty checkpoint (see figure D-7) include:

  • Located along likely enemy avenues of approach.
  • Achieve surprise.
  • Temporary.
  • Unit is able to carry and erect construction materiels without additional assistance.
  • Uses vehicles as an obstacle between the vehicles and personnel, and reinforces them with concertina wire.
  • Soldiers are positioned at each end of the checkpoint.
  • Soldiers are covered by mounted or dismounted automatic weapons.
  • Assault force/response force is concealed nearby to attack or assault in case the site is attacked.

D-35. The hasty checkpoint’s success is brought about by swift and decisive operations. In many cases, there may be no clear orders before the checkpoint is set up. Leaders must rely on common sense and instinct to determine which vehicles or pedestrians to stop for questioning or searching. They are moved quickly into position, thoroughly conducted, and just as swiftly withdrawn when lifted or once the threat has passed.

Figure D-7. Hasty checkpoint

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