Infantry Drills

D-64: Vehicle Searches

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D-64. Two members of the search team position themselves at both rear flanks of the vehicle undergoing a search, putting the occupants at a disadvantage. These Soldiers maintain eye contact with the occupants once they exit the vehicle and react to threat attempts by the occupants during the vehicle search.

D-65. The actual search is conducted by two Soldiers. One Soldier conducts interior searches; the other performs exterior searches. They instruct the occupants (with interpreters if available) to exit the vehicle during the interior search and instruct the driver to watch the vehicle search. Once the interior search is complete, they escort the driver to the hood of the vehicle and instruct him to open it. After the engine compartment has been examined, they instruct the driver to open the other outside compartments (tool boxes, gas caps, trunks). The driver removes loose items not attached to the vehicle for inspection. Search team members rotate positions to allow for mental breaks.

D-66. Soldiers use mirrors and metal detectors to thoroughly search each vehicle for weapons, explosives, ammunition, and other contraband. Depending on the threat level, the vehicle search area provides blast protection of the surrounding area.

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