Infantry Drills

D-7: Stationary Screen

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D-7. When tasked to conduct a stationary screen (see figure D-1), the leader first determines likely avenues of approach into the main body’s perimeter. The leader determines the location of potential observation posts along these avenues of approach. Ideally, the leader assigns observation posts in-depth if he has the assets available. If necessary, he identifies additional control measures (named areas of interest, phase lines, TRP, or checkpoints) to assist in controlling observation, tracking of the enemy, and movement of his own forces. The unit conducts mounted and foot patrols to cover ground not being observed from observation posts. Once the enemy is detected from an observation post, the screening force may engage him with indirect fires. This prevents the enemy from penetrating the screen line and does not compromise the location of the observation post. If enemy pressure threatens the security of the screening force, the unit reports the situation to the controlling headquarters and requests permission to displace to a subsequent screen line or follow-on mission.

Figure D-1. Squad-sized stationary screen

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