Infantry Drills

D-84: Flank and Rear Guard/Screen

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D-84. This element performs a guard or screen, depending on the amount of combat power allocated, providing early warning and security to the convoy’s flanks and rear. (Unit may utilize outposts.) The leader must develop graphic control measures to enable a moving flank screen centered on the convoy. The guard/screen’s purpose is to prevent observation for employment of indirect fires and identify combat elements prior to a direct fire engagement against the convoy. These elements gain and maintain contact with threat reconnaissance and combat elements, employing fires (direct and indirect) to suppress and guiding reaction or escort elements to defeat or destroy the threat force. Units use a combination of observation posts or battle positions on terrain along the route.

D-85. The rear guard follows the convoy. (See figure D-11.) It provides security in the area behind the main body of the vehicle column, often moving with medical and recovery assets. Again, an individual vehicle or the entire unit may make up this element.

Figure D-11. Rear guard

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