Infantry Drills

D-86: Escort Element

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D-86. The escort element provides close-in protection to the convoy. The convoy may be made of many types of vehicles, including military sustainment and mission command as well as civilian trucks and buses. The escort element also may provide a reaction force to assist in repelling or destroying threat contact. The unit assigned the escort mission to provide local security throughout the length of the convoy. The escort element defeats close ambushes and marks bypasses or breaches obstacles identified by reconnaissance as necessary. If the reaction force is not available in sufficient time, the escort element may be required to provide a reaction force to defeat far ambushes or block attacking threat forces. The platoon or squad may perform a convoy escort mission either independently or as part of a larger unit’s convoy security mission. Aviation units also may be a part of the escort force and leaders of both ground and air must be able to contact each other quickly.

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