Infantry Drills

Section III – Checkpoints and Traffic Control Post

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D-28. Checkpoint: As defined by ADRP 1-02 it is a predetermined point on the ground used to control movement, tactical maneuver, and orientation. Checkpoints are primarily a military police task; however, while conducting area security, platoons or squads are frequently employed to establish and operate checkpoints. (See figure D-6.)

D-29. Although similar, the checkpoint should not to be confused with a roadblock or blocking position. Roadblocks are designed to prevent all access to a certain area by both wheeled and pedestrian traffic for a variety of purposes. The checkpoint also should not be confused with an observation post which is established to collect information.

D-30. When conducting checkpoint operations, Soldiers need the following support:

  • Linguists familiar with the local language and understand English.
  • Host-nation police or a civil affairs officer.
  • Wire/sandbags.
  • Signs to reduce misunderstandings and confusion on the part of the local populace
  • Lighting.
  • Communications equipment.
  • Handheld translation devices.
Figure D-6. Checkpoint sketch

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