Infantry Drills

Section V – Assembly Area

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D-103. An AA is an area a unit occupies to prepare for a mission. Ideally, an AA provides—

  • Concealment from air and ground observation.
  • Adequate entrances, exits, and internal routes.
  • Space for dispersion; each assembly area is separated by enough distance from other assembly areas to avoid mutual interference.
  • Cover from direct fire.
  • Good drainage and soil conditions sustaining the movement of the unit vehicles and individual Soldier.
  • Terrain masking of electromagnetic signatures.
  • Terrain allowing observation of ground and air avenues into the assembly area.
  • Sanctuary from enemy medium-range artillery fires because it is located outside the enemy’s range.

D-104. The proper location of AA contributes significantly to both security and flexibility. It should facilitate future operations so movement to subsequent positions can take place smoothly and quickly by concealed routes. The tactical mobility of the Infantry platoon and squad allows it to occupy AA at greater distances from the LD.

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