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E-100: Discarding Sabot

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E-100. Tank 120-mm sabot rounds and 25-mm BFV rounds discard stabilizing petals when fired, posing a downrange hazard for Infantry Soldiers. The aluminum petals of the tank rounds are discarded in an area extending 300 meters to the left and right of the gun-target line out to a range of 1300 meters. (See figure E-10.) Sabot petals create a hazard area extending 70 meters on each side of the gun target line, out to a range of 1 kilometer (See figure E-11, page E-32.) The danger zone for plastic debris from BFV rounds extends 60 degrees to the left and right of the gun-target line, and out to 100 meters from the vehicle. (See figure E-12, page E-33.) Infantry Soldiers should not be in or near the direct line of fire of the tank main gun or BFV cannon unless they are under adequate overhead cover.

Figure E-10. M1-series Abrams tank danger zone
Figure E-11. MGS danger zone
Figure E-12. BFV danger zone

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