Infantry Drills

E-105: Exchange Information

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E-105. Task organizations of units are likely to change during combat operations. When this occurs, some basic exchange information must occur to ensure success. First, an area must be chosen providing security for the exchange to take place. The METT-TC may dictate the exchange must occur over radio or digital communications. However, when possible, leaders should meet and speak face-to-face. General exchange information includes:

  • Number of personnel in the unit.
  • Number of vehicles in the unit.
  • Sensitive items list.
  • Weapons capabilities.
  • Logistical capability (particularly Class I, III, and V).
  • Status/problems with logistics.
  • Radio frequencies, call signs, and time hack.
  • Graphics and overlays.
  • Soldier uniform types.
  • Day/night marking systems.
  • Enemy situation updates.
  • Terrain/route information.

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