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E-110: Sustainment

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E-110. Infantry leaders should be aware of the robust logistical requirements of combat vehicles during combat operations. Normally, the leaders of attached vehicular units are responsible for bringing the majority of their logistical needs with them due to the austere and different logistical support system of Infantry units. Table E-9 (page E-38) provides leaders an overview of some logistical planning factors for combat operations.

Table E-9. Classes of supply considerations for combat vehicles
Table E-9. Classes of supply considerations for combat vehicles (continued)

E-111. Combat vehicle sections attached to Infantry units also may receive resupply through a LOGPAC (logistical resupply) from their parent unit. These LOGPACs generally occur in the tailgate or service station method.

E-112. As directed by the commander or executive officer, the first sergeant establishes the companies resupply point. He uses either the service station or tailgate method, and briefs each LOGPAC driver on which method to use. When he has the resupply point ready, the first sergeant informs the commander. The company commander then directs each unit or element to conduct resupply based on the tactical situation. (See chapter 7 of this publication for more information.)

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