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E-14: Firepower

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E-14. The weapons and ammunition of vehicular units are designed to defeat specific enemy targets, though many are multipurpose. An Infantry leader with a basic understanding of these weapons and ammunition types will be able to better employ vehicular units to defeat the enemy. Table E-2 (page E-6) lists the basic weapons and ammunition types offered by vehicular units that generally support Infantry platoons and squads. These weapons systems are organic to several vehicles while they are mounted on others. METT-TC driven.

Note.When referring to the heavy machine gun in this manual, it refers to the M2 or M2A1 .50-caliber heavy machine gun. The M2A1 heavy machine gun is the next generation of heavy machine gun, currently being fielded and will be replacing the M2 heavy machine gun. (See appendix F for more information.)

Table E-2. Weapons, ammunition, and targets
Table E-2. Weapons, ammunition, and targets (continued)

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