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E-19: Firepower Advantages

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E-19. The tank’s main gun is extremely accurate and lethal at ranges out to 4000 meters. Tanks with stabilized main guns can fire even when moving at high speeds cross-country. The tank remains the best AT weapon on the battlefield. The various machine guns (M1- series Abrams tank’s caliber .50 and 7.62-mm coax and loader’s 7.62-mm machine gun) provide a high volume of supporting fires for the Infantry. The target acquisition capabilities of the tank exceed the capability of all systems in the Infantry battalion. The thermal sight provides a significant capability for observation and reconnaissance. It also can be used during daylight hours to identify heat sources (personnel and vehicles), even through vegetation. The laser range finder provides an increased capability for the Infantry force to establish fire control measures (such as trigger lines and TRP), and to determine exact locations.

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