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E-28: Firepower Advantages

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E-28. The primary weapon on the BFV is the 25-mm chain gun firing APDS-T, high explosive incendiary with tracer. This weapon is extremely accurate and lethal against light-armored vehicles, bunkers, trench lines, and personnel at ranges out to 2000 meters. The stabilized gun allows fires even when moving cross-country. The TOW provides a weapon for destroying enemy tanks or other point targets at extended ranges to 3750 meters. The 7.62-mm coax provides a high volume of suppressive fires for self-defense and supporting fires of the Infantry up to 800 meters. The combination of the stabilized turret, thermal sight, high volume of fire, and reinforcing effects of weapons and ammunition makes the BFV an excellent suppression asset supporting Infantry assaults. The thermal sight provides a significant capability for observation and reconnaissance. It can be used during the day to identify heat sources (personnel and vehicles) even through light vegetation. Figure E-3 (page E-12) shows the 25-mm supporting Infantry in an urban setting.

Figure E-3. BFV 25-mm Infantry support

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