Infantry Drills

E-6: Firepower

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E-6. The following is a list of the primary firepower functions combat vehicles provide an Infantry platoon or squad during combat operations:

  • Speed and shock effect to assist the Infantry in rapidly executing an assault.
  • Lethal and accurate direct fire support.
  • Suppression of identified sniper positions.
  • Heavy volume of suppressive fires and a mobile base of fire of the Infantry.
  • Employment of technical assets (thermal viewers and range finders) to assist in target acquisition and ranging.
  • Neutralization or suppression of enemy positions with direct fire as Infantry closes with and destroys the enemy.
  • Assaults by fire other targets designated by the Infantry.
  • Accurate direct fires even while the vehicle is moving at high speeds with stabilized gun systems.
  • Destruction of enemy tanks and armored personnel carriers.

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