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E-82: Bradley Fighting Vehicle

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E-82. The BFV is designed to carry six Infantry Soldiers and a crew of three: a Bradley commander, gunner, and driver. The troop compartment of the BFV carries six Infantry Soldiers in combat gear. Rucksacks generally are carried on the outside of the vehicle. Prior to riding in the vehicle, Infantry Soldiers who are not familiar with the BFV should be thoroughly trained on its exit points, fire drills, and rollover drills. The major difference in carrying capacity between the M2A1 and M2A2/ODS/M2A3 is the seating configuration. The M2A1 has six individual seats, while the M2A2/ODS/M2A3 has two benches on the left and right sides of the troop compartment. Figures E-5 and E-6 illustrate the carrying capacity of the BFV-series combat vehicles.

Figure E-5. Seating diagram inside the M2A1 BFV
Figure E-6. Seating diagram inside the M2A2/ODS and M2A3 BFV

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