Infantry Drills

E-98: Risk Management

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E-98. Infantry leaders must identify and implement controls to mitigate risks associated with conducting operations with combat vehicles. These risks are divided into two categories: tactical and accidental risk. Table E-6 contains a basic list of risks and control measures leaders should consider when conducting operations with combat vehicles. Table E-7 (page E- 30) contains a list of possible accidental hazards and control measures.

Table E-6. Risk management matrix for tactical hazards
Table E-7. Risk management matrix for accidental hazards

E-99. Many Infantry Soldiers are not familiar with the hazards arising during operations with combat vehicles. The most obvious of these include the dangers associated with main-gun fire, and inability of combat vehicle crews to see people and objects near their vehicles. Leaders of Armored and Infantry units alike must ensure their troops understand the following points of operational safety.

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