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F-125: Security

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F-125. Security includes all command measures to protect against surprise, observation, and annoyance by the enemy. The principal security measures against ground forces include employment of security patrols and detachments covering the front flanks and rear of the unit’s most vulnerable areas. The composition and strength of these detachments depends on the size of the main body, its mission, and nature of the opposition expected. The presence of machine guns with security detachments augments their firepower to delay, attack, and defend, by virtue of inherent firepower.

F-126. The potential of air and ground attacks on the unit demands every possible precaution for maximum security while on the move. Where this situation exists, the machine gun crew must be thoroughly trained in the hasty delivery of antiaircraft fire and of counterfire against enemy ground forces. The distribution of the medium machine guns in the formation is critical. The medium machine gun crew is constantly on the alert, particularly at halts, ready to deliver fire as soon as possible. If the leader expects a halt to exceed a brief period, he carefully chooses medium machine gun positions to avoid unduly tiring the medium machine gun crew. If he expects the halt to extend for a long period, he can have the medium machine gun crew take up positions in support of the unit. The crew covers the direction from which he expects enemy activity as well as the direction from which the unit came. The leader selects positions permitting the delivery of fire in the most probable direction of enemy attack, such as valleys, draws, ridges, and spurs. He chooses positions offering obstructed fire from potential enemy locations.

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