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F-152: MK19 and M2/M2A1 in the Defense

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F-152. In the defense, MK19 and M2/M2A1 machine guns may be fired from the vehicle mount or dismounted from the vehicle and mounted on a tripod at a defensive fighting position designed for the weapon system.

F-153. These weapons provide sustained direct fires covering the most likely enemy mounted avenue of approach. Their maximum effective range enables them to engage enemy vehicles and equipment at far greater ranges than the platoon’s or squads other direct fire weapons.

F-154. When mounted on the tripod, the M2/M2A1 and MK19 are highly accurate to their maximum effective range and predetermined fires can be planned for likely high pay off targets. The tradeoff is these weapon systems are relatively heavy, and take more time to move.

F-155. These guns are not as accurate when mounted on vehicles as they are when fired from the tripod-mounted system. However, they are\ maneuvered easily to alternate firing locations should the need arise.

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