Infantry Drills

F-52: Beaten Zone

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F-52. The gunner ensures throughout his firing the center of the beaten zone is maintained at the center base of the target for maximum effect from each burst of fire. When this is done, projectiles in the upper half of the cone of fire will pass through the target if it has height, and projectiles in the lower half of the beaten zone may ricochet into the target. (See figure F-15.)

Figure F-15. Line of aim and placement of center of beaten zone on target

F-53. The gunner must move his beaten zone in a certain direction over the target. The direction depends on the type of target and whether the target is engaged with a pair of guns or a single gun. When engaging targets other than point targets with a pair of guns, the targets are divided so fire is distributed evenly throughout the target area. Fire delivered on point targets or a specific area of other target configurations is called concentrated fire.

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