Infantry Drills

F-81: Principal Direction of Fire

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F-81. PDF is assigned to a gunner to cover an area having good fields of fire or has a likely dismounted avenue of approach. It also provides mutual support to an adjacent unit. Machine guns are sited using the PDF if an FPL has not been assigned. If a PDF is assigned and other targets are not being engaged, machine guns remain on the PDF. A PDF has the following characteristics:

  • It is used only if a final protective line is not assigned; it then becomes the machine gun’s part of the unit’s final protective fires.
  • When the target has width, direction is determined by aiming on one edge of the target area and noting the amount of traverse necessary to cover the entire target.
  • The gunner is responsible for the entire wedge-shaped area from the muzzle of the weapon to the target, but elevation may be fixed for a priority portion of the target.

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