Infantry Drills

F-86: Base Stake Techniques

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F-86. A base stake is used to define sector limits and may provide the lay of the FPL or predetermined targets along a primary or secondary sector limit. This technique is effective in all visibility conditions. The gunner uses the following steps:

  • Defines the sector limits by laying the gun for direction along one sector limit and by emplacing a stake along the outer edge of the folded bipod legs. Rotates the legs slightly on the receiver, so the gunner takes up the “play.” Uses the same procedure for placing a stake along the opposite sector limit.
  • Lays the machine gun along the FPL by moving the muzzle of the machine gun to a sector limit. Adjusts for elevation by driving a stake into the ground so the top of the stake is under the gas cylinder extension. This allows a few MILS of depression to cover irregularities in the terrain.
  • Lays the machine gun to engage other targets within a sector limit. Done in a primary sector by using the procedure described previously, except he keeps the elevation fixed.

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