Infantry Drills

Section III: Predetermined Fires

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F-75. Predetermined fires organize the battlefield for gunners. They allow the leader and gunner to select potential targets or target areas most likely being engaged or have tactical significance. This includes dismounted enemy avenues of approach, likely positions for automatic weapons, and probable enemy assault positions. The gunners do this by using sectors of fire, FPL, or a PDF and selected target areas. This preparation maximizes the effectiveness of the machine gun during good as well as limited visibility. It enhances fire control by reducing the time required to identify targets, determine range, and manipulate the weapon onto the target. Abbreviated fire commands and previously recorded data enable the gunner to aim or adjust fire on the target quickly and accurately. Selected targets should be fired on in daylight whenever practical to confirm data. The range card identifies the targets and provides a record of firing data. DA Form 5517 provides a record of firing data and aids defensive fire planning.

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