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G-11: Improved M72A7 LAW

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G-11. The M72A7 is the improved LAW currently employed by Infantry platoons and squads. It is a compact, lightweight, single-shot, disposable weapon optimized to defeat lightly armored vehicles at close combat ranges. (See figure G-5.) The M72A7 offers enhanced capabilities beyond the original M72-series. The Improved M72 consists of a 66-mm unguided rocket prepackaged at the factory in a telescoping, throwaway launcher. The system performance improvements include a higher velocity rocket motor extending the weapon effective range, increased lethality warhead, lower and more consistent trigger release force, rifle-type sight system, and better overall system reliability and safety. The weapon contains a 66-mm rocket and an integral HEAT warhead. The warhead is designed to penetrate 150 millimeters of homogenous armor and is optimized for maximum fragmentation behind light armor, Infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), and urban walls.

Figure G-5. Improved M72A7 LAW with rocket

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