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G-18: Javelin

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G-18. The Javelin is a fire-and-forget, shoulder-fired, man-portable CCMS consisting of a reusable M98A1 (Block 0) and the improved M98A2 (Block 1), CLU and a round. (See figure G-8.) The CLU houses the daysight, night vision sight (NVS), controls, and indicators. The round consists of the missile, the launch tube assembly (LTA), and battery coolant unit (BCU). The LTA serves as the launch platform and carrying container of the missile. (Refer to TC 3-22.37 for more information.)

G-19. The Javelin CCMS’ primary role is to destroy enemy armored vehicles out to 2000 meters with the M98A1 and 2500 meters with the M98A2. The Javelin can be employed in a secondary role of providing FS against point targets such as bunkers and crew-served weapons positions. In addition, the Javelin CLU can be used alone as an aided vision device for reconnaissance, security operations, and surveillance. When BFV are part of a combined-arms team, the Javelin becomes a secondary antiarmor weapons system. It supports the fires of tanks and TOWs, covers secondary armor avenues of approach, and provides observation posts with an antiarmor capability. The Javelin gunner should be able to engage up to three targets in two minutes, making him effective against armor threat.

Figure G-8. Javelin close combat missile system

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