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G-2: Shoulder-Launched Munitions

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G-2. SLM include the M136A1 AT4 combined space (AT4CS), M136 AT4; the M72A2/A3 light antitank weapon (LAW), improved M72A4/5/6/7 LAW; and M141 BDM. The M141 BDM also has been referred to as the shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapon-disposable (SMAW-D). Table G-1 lists select SLM specifications.

G-3. All SLM are lightweight, self-contained, single-shot, disposable weapons consisting of unguided free flight, fin-stabilized, rocket-type cartridges packed in expendable, telescoping launchers (except the M 136 AT4/AT4CS which does not telescope) also serve as storage containers. The only requirement for their care is a visual inspection. SLM can withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions, including arctic, tropical, and desert climates.

G-4. SLM increase the lethality and survivability of the Infantryman and provide him a direct fire capability to defeat enemy personnel within armored platforms. BDM provides the Soldier a direct fire capability to defeat enemy personnel located within field fortifications, bunkers, caves, masonry structures, and lightly armed vehicles and to suppress enemy personnel in lightly armored vehicles.

G-5. The individual Soldier will use SLM to engage threat combatants at close ranges, across the street or from one building to another. The Soldier may employ SLM as a member of a support-by-fire element to incapacitate threat forces threatening the assault element. When the assault element clears a building, the leader may reposition the SLM gunner inside to engage a potential counterattack force.

Note. Several numbers in table G-1 have been rounded off and might not represent exact numbers.

Table G-1. Shoulder-launched munitions
Table G-1. Shoulder-launched munitions (continued)

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